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Emotionally inconsistent or erratic people, transference, mental illness and demonization

A person with a great curse upon them will pass it onto you - the mechanics

God will remove the wrong people from your life in the most peculiar ways: how, why and when

Neuroplasticity and why you almost can't remember who you were before you decided to change / heal

People who can not see the 2020 forest for the trees are your greatest liability

How string theory applies to your repeat trauma and "mistakes"

Why some smart women attract toxic men

How people covertly grift your energy for tangible gifts

It's always spiritual, before it's "logistical"

My amazing client who got red-pilled in 2020 and initially thought I was crazy; plus a few updates

Some people don't want your help, they want your soul

Pride cometh before the fall

Why perpetrators die when their victims heal

Things that happen during your life review after you die (whilst physically alive)

How to reclaim your energy (again)

Enjoy this highlight from my time on The Fallen State with Jesse Lee Peterson: "What Is a Medical Intuitive? Do Modern-Day Healers Exist?"

How sociopaths, young and old, take on your energy

The #1 Hallmark of an Evil Person

The reason some wealthy people don't want to pay for things

How soul contracts work

Free will, destiny and surrender in the face of "stagnation"

The butterfly effect of darkness

It is crucial to have friends who don't think like you - politically, spiritually and otherwise

God uses some of us for other people's last Hail Mary

Ego death, dark night of the soul, and spiritual awakening

Mental illness is demonic possession, and it will attack your internal organs

Self-embodiment can not be taught

Heal by bringing in what you need, instead of casting out what you don't

What to do when someone confuses your energy for theirs

Where depression and anxiety REALLY come from

When someone steals from you, spiritually

Great Awakening: A Guide to Navigating the Intangibles of the Human Experience - an eBook by Aryn Elaine

The psychopaths at Big Tech

How the butterfly effect of abuse cycles out with one last death grip

Wishing pain upon your evil doers is a waste of time - they are already in tons of pain

What is a covert bully?

Why bad people appear to win

How to know you're dealing with a demon

My perspective on Roe v Wade overturn

Healing Elaine® July 2022 Destination Session - last one

From The Medical Intuitive Blog, June 29, 2020: New York City and Los Angeles are Vortexes and people are leaving them

Personal and Healing Elaine® business updates

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Aryn Elaine on Jesse Lee Peterson's The Fallen State

After a piece of your damaged brain heals - the space between then and "now"

How to let go of mistakes and guilt

Free will, destiny, and surrender in the face of "stagnation"

How being destroyed helps you to surrender - and why it happens.

Social media demons and the skism of 2009

the #1 hallmark of an evil person

Satan will always inform you of his plan, before you agree to it

The social experiment of allowing people to confuse your kindness/humbleness for weakness/low value

It's either a hard yes or a hard no - time is the X factor

How to change your personal narrative - the one that reinforces your pattern

How to listen to the instruments of God so that you can hear the entire symphony at once

Going after what you want, versus knowing what you want

When a piece of your damaged brain heals

It is dangerous to be ignorant of your value

Fast-forward your timelines by making a decision

Evil seeks to ruin love, addicts lie, and you become who you spend time with

Trust, and do not verify your intuition

The Problem is also The Solution