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God lives in an eternal now

What to do when you don't fit anywhere

Brain fog is a hallmark of demonization

Not all prayer is created equal

Forgiveness is about ending a time-loop, not correcting a timeline

The Pandemic of the Tyranny of the Mediocre

How to distinguish intuition from emotion (hint: THERE IS NO EMOTION IN INTUITION)

The first place demons attack is your relationships

Mental Illness, or Demonic Possession?

The Web of Thought is real

When God returns to you everything you've never wanted but didn't know it at the time

When an otherwise "good" person gets overrun by demons and they live and die that way

How to make or break a routine that makes or breaks you

Forgiveness without Reconciliation

My Journey Into The Catholic Faith

When the story is the same but you feel different about it

Why some demons linger for years: God-ordained oppression and timing

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Soul grids and meridian lines

How it feels physically, when you move into a new timeline

Incorporating religion and spirituality into your work with a healer, coach or therapist

Why your life can go sideways with even just one seemingly "innocuous" encounter with a certain person

Escaping the woke mind virus in *every way* will dramatically change your life

How your purpose is expressed when you choose alternate paths

The difference between a test and a lesson

How to know whether you're dealing with a demon, or a bad person

Healing Elaine® Demonology Workshop in Austin, Texas May 2023

Distinguishing worry or paranoia from reality by decoding your dreams

Experiencing duality after the Dark Night

As the dust settles, post plandemic: where is your life headed?

After the dark night ends

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#1 Hallmark of a demonized person

"You can lose your soul by gossiping"

The more a person sins, the dumber they get: why

For the umpteenth time: God will not help those who don't help themselves

It's not your fault, but it is your responsibility

God will choose the worst people, places and things for you with which to learn hard lessons

You did everything right, but still it all fell apart: why

The elevator of life: what floor do you get off for particular destinies?

I've the same position since January 2020: Rona and the jab schemes were a spiritual test

Celestial litigation in the face of broken soul contract

The head, the heart, and the gut move at different speeds when gathering to make a decision

If you keep bumping up against the same patterns with people, the problem is definitely you